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These mantras were received in meditation during the lock down of the year 2020.

Why is it called Maria Magdalena? In each meditation in which these sounds appeared, I first saw a purple robe. Through an advanced companion on the spiritual path, I understood that it was the mantle of Mary Magdalene. From then on, her presence was also manifested in the form of messages. In these messages she indicated to me how to work the low frequency energies for the cleansing and purification of human beings, in this period of construction of the 5D field for the New Earth. She also asked me to share this information.

When did the recording begin? We started recording in November 2020. All I had were the recordings on my mobile of the voices that I was hearing in the meditations, some in canon form. I listened to them as a complete chorus assembled, so I followed the voices one by one and recorded them individually. The use of the shamanic drum and percussion were also recorded. Fortunately in my meditation corner I had these instruments !!! The rest was a creative work together with Alejandro Leguizamo, with whom we completed the songs and gave them a simple musical structure so that they could be sung by many people at the same time. A very special thanks to Alejandro, for his patience, wisdom and contributions as a musician, arranger, music producer and potential mystic...

What is this disc for? This disc is a process of purification and opening to the Source of primal energy. I was fortunate to share these songs with more people in meditation circles. As a result of their experiences, the use and energetic function of each of the mantras was revealed. The order of the mantras is not accidental. Create a path of cleansing in the lower chakras, purification, balance and elevation of energy. Subsequently a channel of Light opens that can be felt and experienced when we have achieved the appropriate energy frequency. The last two topics are celebrating the connection. In ancient times, women met to work together, shared their life, their learnings, accompanied each other and celebrated life. Memories of Heaven is the fruit of anchoring the Source on Earth, it is the end of this album and the starting point of the next one that we hope can be recorded this year. All the money raised from the sale of the discs will be destined to the recording of the next one. The mantras are here !!!

Why do the mantras have no lyrics? The mantra is based on a primal sound unit. Its advantage is that it cannot be rationally understood. Its force enters directly into the energy field and raises the vibration of the person's field. It is a proto language, a language that is beyond words and judgments, but that can be understood by the intuitive and experiential field of the person.

Acknowledgment Thanks to all the people who made this creative work possible: Alejandro Leguizamo for his music, Claudia for his wonderful Sacred Geometry painting that appears on the cover, to the people like Angie who used these mantras and gave me their feedback, to Denis for her guide and help for my channel to get opened. And all the people who made this possible.

Thank you for listening and surrendering to this sound process.




Vocals, guitar and percussion

Psicosomatic Coach and Feng Shui Consultant.

Since I was little I have learned music. I have participated in vocal choirs and instrumental formations. Later I learned guitar, an instrument that has accompanied me to this day. All this has been put at the service of channeling this work.



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MAIL marian@harmoniaintegral.com


ANGIE: "Good morning ... I just wanted to give you some comments about my experience with your singing. I did a longer meditation today using just the Energetic Cleansing chant. The energy came in strong and I had a sore throat, do you know when a lump feels and you need to cry? I think that is the best way to describe it. Then I cried. My hands moved in a circular motion, I could see a pendulum spinning. I ended up with my hands resting on the ground and I could feel the energy running down my arms from my hands towards the ground ... well not really the ground since I live in an apartment so on the floor. 😜 ... Two things were important: first, when the singing is louder (when I sing it and not just listen) ... and also the energy change when the pitch of your voice changes to a higher note. My "inner Chief" says thank you💖,was there this morning . What a gift you have Marian, thank you for helping me in my process 🙏 .... have a good weekend ... I feel so calm now from my meditation ... ☀️😘✨

ALBA: "GThank you ... a thousand and one florid !!!! ....I love this music💜🐬 Turn up the vibe .... amazing💜 THANK YOU!✨✨🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻"

MARY: "I was taken to the emergency room for peritonitis. The next post-op day I was restless and nervous. I asked them to give me painkillers but I only got chamomile. Then I remembered the mantras. I began to listen to them, I calmed down and the pain, nervousness and restlessness disappeared. I entered a state of peace. Thank you!"



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  • 10,70€: Includes tea and fruit.
  • We will learn and chant the mantras.
  • There will be instruments so that you can make music and intensify your energetic and creative process.
  • Together we will raise the energy level more quickly and effectively.


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