DIRECTO: Sacred Hara and Womb Clearing

Energetic process of both MEN and WOMEN


Energetic process of both male and female to clear the blockages that are stopping the integration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Release the energetic hooks from the past and present that are influencing your inner union alchemy.  Release who is connected to your sacred energy field, people who are no longer serving your evolution and are draining your sacred energy field.   Undertaking this vital process, you may experience a surge in lifeforce energy, enhancement of the inner alchemy process, heightened ability to focus and a more flowing alignment with abundance.

So often we think of womb clearing as a powerful healing process for women.  However, after recently receiving a download of information on the topic, NEA member Marian Chacon now knows that it is most definitely also a powerful and very important process to be undertaken by  Men. 

Though Men do not have a womb, they have within them, an energy center that, similar to a woman’s womb, houses the energies/codax of all intimate relationships along with ‘authority hooks’ from those who have influenced them throughout their lives - be it family members, friends, lovers, business partners, teachers, sports coaches, spiritual guides, gurus etc.   With each of these relationships, a form of consent was given, conscious or unconscious allowing a level of connection with one’s energy.  

Reclaiming our own authority and standing as a Sovereign being is very much part of the Ascension path.  The recent teaching received by Marian makes clear that it is now time to disconnect/close contracts and unhook from all these energy connections created over the course of our lives. Until consciously dismantled, each hook, each element of codax that we gave consent to,  continues to exist, and continues to have an influence on us, whilst also causing a drain on our divine essence to varying degrees.  

This powerful free offering, facilitated by NEA member Marian Chucon, takes you through a process of detecting, recognizing and then consciously collapsing out the connections these authority hooks have within our sacred energy system.  As we undertake the reclamation process of these various energy streams, there is a regeneration of our own energy network, creating a revitalizing surge of sacred life force and a recognizable development in one’s inner union alchemy.  As our divine inner union is connected with our abundance, this energy restoration work can often  naturally activate a more organic flow of abundance. 

We look forward to sharing the journey with all in the collective who resonate with this call to clear the Sacred Hara and Womb.   

In loving Service.


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